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Dra. Célia Fernanes com paciente, homem deitado na marquesa, clínica Casa Sakra

Integrative Medicine Clinic Casa Saka

Casa Sakra

was born from a clear vision that success is based on the integration of knowledge and experience in health and life.







We are specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture, and we bring together the most effective and personalized methods of diagnosis and treatment. We combine the best of Medicine and Nature for a dynamic and integrative health.

MTC - Acupuntura na cara de paciente


It seeks the cause of the disease by attending to the genetic and epigenetic factors of the patient, dealing with symptoms but not limiting itself to "masking" them.

pessoa a receber acupuntura na cara, clinica Casa Sakra

Our principles:

Integrative Medicine actively involves the patient in their healing process through dialogue and the creation of functional and individual solutions.

Safe, medical literature-based interventions in a multidisciplinary approach: lifestyle, diet, exercise, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical and/or botanical agents.

Especially effective in the prevention and treatment of:
Metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain and osteo-skeletal pathologies, digestive and intestinal problems, sleep pathologies, nervous system and stress, hormonal diseases, menstrual disorders, infertility, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, premature aging and burnout.

Consulta de medicina interna com médica e paciente, homem de costas

Medicines and other Therapies

We are a diverse team of specialists in Chinese Medicine, Natural and Medical Aesthetics, Massage Therapists and Psychotherapists.

We have daily consultations and treatments available. 
Do you have any questions?

Casa Sakra is the place I go when I need to relax and restore. I have had acupuncture sessions with Celia and massages with Cátia, and both are very gentle, calm and brilliant at what they do. This place is a paradise in the middle of Lagos, and it makes me feel fulfilled, happy and peaceful

testemunho para Casa Sakra

Rachel Lingham

Casa Sakra is an amazing treatment with the most professional way possible. I have been to many other massage therapist places before, but I have never had someone as good as Cátia Rodrigues!

retrato de homem, testemunho de Ailton para Casa Sakra

Ailton Januario

Finding Mafalda and Casa Sakra was one of the most amazing things that has happened to me in terms of my health.
And I think it's all down to the fact that my quality of life has improved so much at Casa Sakra. 

retrato de mulher, testemunho de Leann para Casa Sakra

Leann Hasness

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Happy Customers

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