Casa Sakra offers individual and group lessons. See more information about these classes below.

Weekly Schedule of our Classes


  • Breathe & Stretch




  • Workout


  • Breathe & Stretch


Restore your good energy, join us in our classes !

Aulas MOVEMENT FLOW com Tess
Wednesday 7:30PM

Movement Flow with Tess

The focus of this movement workout class lies on balance, strength and overall mobility of the body.

  • Wednesdays: 19:30 - 20:30

Tessa Sander
Has been dancing ever since. Back in the days she started out with Jazz Dance and surely had been gaining loads of experiences in the clubs as well as on her travels to the Caribbean and London.

Living in Holland introduced her to African dance and the Salsa Scene.

In Lagos she had been running her own Performing Arts and Culture Studio : Kapa Dois Center for 12 years.

To widen her horizon in Contemporary Dance she worked with the fantastic Jenny O Jacobsson, Mestre Betão who taught her the beautiful art of Capoeira and recently she‘s learning with Paul Philip Clark the art of Kung Fu to enhance her skills.

Aulas BREATHE & STRETCH com Nika
Tuesday & Thursday 11:00am

Breathe and Stretch with Nika

With the Focus on breathing, you will flow through all the movements that will stretch and relax your whole body.

  • Tuesday: 11:00 - 12:00
  • Thursday: 10:30 (Workout) / 11:00-12:00

Annika Michaelis
Is a german artist and used to work as a professional dancer and dance teacher for many years. Her journey started with a contemporary dance education in Hamburg, studied ballet two years at the royal academy of dance and spent several years training the different styles of urban dance.

She is also a certified personal trainer with a focus on rehabilitation and the reason for this is actually very personal:

She wasn’t able to walk for more than 4 years because of an knee operation that could have been avoided.

The diagnosis was: a life in a wheelchair!

Because she didn’t want to accept that as a reality, she left Germany and was able to start and accelerate her healing process through dancing.

Everything consists of energy and with the power of breathing and faith we can actually heal ourselves!

Wednesday 4:00pm

Internal Martial Arts with Marco

Power of surrender through Kungfu

  • Wednesdays: 16:00 - 17:30

(class spoken in English, German or Italian)

We can experience the enormous possibiliteis and skills of our real Being, when we surrender to the truth of the situation.

How do we do that?
It's about detaching yourself from the identification of our beliefs and conditioning in order to simply BEING.
In the class, you will learn, through simple physical exercises, alone and with partners, to connect with the essentials of a situation in the here and now and thus to release undreamt-of strengths. The exercises lead you to accept given situations without value or association. In this way you release your power of faith from the limitations of rational thinking and surrender to the completely natural movements of being.

"Spiritual power is unconditional and does not require any performance"

What may sound complex in this description is easy to perceive when you experience the exercises.

“Lightness is the essence of our nature”

In the class old fears and other emotional resistances can lose their strength and the natural trust in oneself and in life can gain space again!
Often the life energy can flow more freely and the consciousness can be perceived more naturally and clearly, with much less affliction of any beliefs that were instigated from outside.
The training should and can be approached with childlike simplicity.
We come together to consciously play with the power of our being.

Marco Iuliano
Started the Journey in kung fu and internal Martial Arts 23 years ago, giving workshops, classes and private lessons. In the last 13 years also working as business coach in Switzerland, his main topic is truth and clarity. Originally from Switzerland with swiss and italian roots. Spoken language, German, English and Italian.



‘’I have suffered from anxiety since I was a child, which led me to have difficulties adapting to the school environment and relating to people in general. As a teenager, my parents decided to take me to a Psychologist and later my doctor prescribed Ritalin that I took for several years. Not being a fitness enthusiast, I chose to practice Yoga to maintain fitness and I had heard that it could help with the anxiety I was so familiar with. I chose a therapeutic class with Prof. Soraia as I had heard good references about her. It was an incredible experience, I felt myself totally supported and doing something that besides being accessible and soothing made total sense to me at the mental and physical level. I continued with private lessons and totally surrendered to yoga because the results were more and more positive."