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Alchemical Aura Reading

Leitura Aura Casa Sakra
The reading of the Alchemical Aura consists of a cleansing of the energy field, aligning of chakras and insight into the patient's current life experience - from their most divine essence. The information that is received from the Aura reading is given at a general, orientation, level.
The therapist accesses the energy field of the patient, acting as a spokesperson for what the patients spirit wants, in the present moment. This allows a deep listening and alignment with our energetic potential and life purpose, and can enable a clearing of patterns that are interfering in the way.

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Reading of The Alchemical Aura of Female Energy

This work is done among women and aims to clear obstacles, awaken the feminine essence and align the woman’s true feminine energy with the Goddess. It unlocks the woman’s creative and feminine energy, clears traumatic memories and helps you understand and clear patterns in lovemaking. It helps a woman to redeem her worth.

Relationship Aura Reading

This reading concerns the relationship between two or more people, be it loving, family, friendship or other. All people must give consent for this reading to take place. It harmonizes and clarifies the purpose of the relationship and what potential and agreements it has. In addition, it identifies what patterns can be interfering and helps to clear them on the spiritual plane and bring awareness on the physical plane.


By Sara Calazans Harman

Duration: Between 60 and 120 minutes