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The Astrological consultation is based on therapeutic dialogue that focuses essentially on the individual and not on their dilemmas.

In this sense the individual assumes a dignified character, a central pole of the whole consultation where the Astrological map is the guiding thread that allows the astrologer to guide. From an evolutionary perspective, the Astrological map defines orientation routes that allow the individual to navigate between the crises of life and learn to make the most of them to assume their mission in the world.

These and other points such as fears, blocks, inhibitions but also gifts, inner resources and evolutionary challenges form the backbone of an astrology query. Astrology is an excellent choice if you are interested in self-knowledge and understanding of your inner life.

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Miguel Ângelo Reis

Astrólogo profissional sóc. n.º2714 C.P.A. e C.A.P.T.A

Duration: 90 minutos

Hand-painted Astrological Map Delivery + audio query recording

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