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Clinical Aromatherapy


Clinical Aromatherapy is a set of therapeutic techniques starting with a diagnosis and using essential oils, essences, flower and plant waters and vegetable oils to restore physical, emotional, mental and energetic balance.

It is grounded in knowledge from Pharmacognosy, Osmology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and conventional medicine, being scientifically based. The use of aromatic plants for medicinal purposes dates back to Sumerian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Arab civilisations. Modern Aromatherapy was established at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to the contribution of René-Maurice Gattefossé and Jean Valnet.

It uses different techniques with eubiotic action- inhalation, ingestion, massage, internal application and atmospheric diffusion. Through volatile aromatic molecules, present in the organic chemistry of essential oils and which have medicinal action, it causes our organism to receive electrochemical stimuli, which enable it to become re- balanced and resume its functions, until reaching its maximum functional capacity. Clinical Aromatherapy is a reconcilable and complementary approach to conventional medicine.

Organic Clinical Aromatherapy guarantees that the medicinal action is analysed, certified and inspected, with no risk of contamination from chemical substances that damage cells.

Main therapeutic indications:


  • Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia
  • Digestive pathologies
  • Dermatological pathologies
  • Respiratory pathologies
  • Urogenital pathologies
  • Immune system booster


  • Colic, appetite problems, sleep disorders, skin conditions, amongst other conditions.
Rita Lança - terapeuta Casa Sakra

I am Rita Lança, a professional who specialises in accompanying people at any stage of their lives that is characterised by significant changes which cause them to feel disturbed, such as illnesses, bereavements and deaths.

I provide emotional, spiritual, informative and practical support to individuals and families who wish to live through these transitions in their lives in a conscious, informed and accompanied way, with a view to reducing stress, anxiety and suffering, increasing feelings of peace, comfort and empowerment in the face of these challenging circumstances.

I am trained in Social Work, as an End of Life Doula and have an International Certificate in Contemplative Spiritual Care and in Clinical Aromatherapy.

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