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Consulta de Sexologia Clínica, Terapia Sexual

Clinical Sexology Consultation, Sex Therapy


Online sexology and psychology consultations are suitable for all those who seek to

understand their emotions, better manage their feelings and conflicts, overcome their

difficulties, reframe their experiences, modify behaviors, interact better with

themselves and others, develop their potential, change their thoughts to achieve

emotional stability, healthy sexuality and a full life.

Sexuality is a central aspect of being human and fundamental to a healthy and fulfilling life. People have emotional needs for closeness, intimacy, affection and sexual gratification, but difficulties in relation to sexual health can result in dissatisfaction, frustration and suffering. It is important to understand that sexual satisfaction is influenced by the interaction of biological, psychological, social and cultural factors.

Better understand the aspects of human sexuality, better perceive the dynamics of affective relationships and broaden your awareness for a healthy life.


  • Development and self-knowledge of aspects of sexuality

  • Communication difficulties between the couple about sexuality

  • Difficulties in sexual functioning

  • Sexual trauma - history of sexual abuse in childhood or rape as an adult

  • Adapting to sexuality in different transitions of the life cycle

  • Adapting to sexuality in contexts of physical and chronic illness

  • Sexual addiction

Consulta de Sexologia Clínica, Terapia Sexual

Sexuality is a central aspect of being human and fundamental to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Mirian Bernardes Lopes Valente

Sexologist and Clinical Psychologist

During her undergraduate studies, her interest in human sexuality led her to conduct research in the field of "Sexuality in mentally handicapped persons" and "Violence against women: studies of cases attended in a reference center and attention to women (...)''. 

These significant experiences influenced her decision to deepen her studies in the area of Sexual Medicine. Subsequently, she developed several researches and published articles related to ''Sexual desire in young women in stable relationships'', among others.

Since 2010, she has had the privilege of contacting very different populations, in private practice, through interventions:

- Brief Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling

- Couple therapy,

- Sex therapy and sex education

Addressing from psychogenic sexual dysfunctions, difficulties in love relationships, anxiety disorders, depression, shyness, personal development and self-esteem, learning difficulties among many others.

Mirian Bernardes Lopes Valente

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