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Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching

Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching

My goal is to partner with you along your own unique journey to full health and vitality. I will give you the information, support and motivation needed to allow you to discover your true instinctive power to heal and achieve a life in which you can thrive and feel full of energy. I believe this is a POWER, that cannot be found in a capsule or a pill or even in the hands of a doctor or a practitioner. It is a power that each of us holds inside.

Do you suffer from any of the following:

  • any autoimmune condition
  • achy joints
  • low energy and fatigue
  • restless sleep that leaves you tired in the morning
  • constipation, bloating or any other IBS symptoms
  • a reduced libido
  • dry skin and hair
  • decreased muscle mass and increased fat gain
  • foggy thinking
  • depression and low mood
  • a feeling of being cold all the time.

Wouldn’t it be great if the following applied to you:

  • you have great energy all day
  • your sleep is deep and refreshing
  • you maintain lean muscle mass
  • you feel less cold and maintain body temperature
  • your hair shines and your skin radiates
  • you feel happy
  • you have a healthy libido
  • you have great digestion and circulation
  • you are free from pain
  • you are free of sickness and disease.

Receive Professional Advice at Casa Sakra!

Pete is an ‘Independent Health researcher’, certified ‘Nutritional advisor’, as well as being a
registered Level 2 ‘Holistic lifestyle coach’ with the ‘Chek Institute’.

The Process:

Our journey together starts with an assessment to discover which of the 6 Chek principles require the most attention. This application process allows us to quickly discover our ‘launch pad’, where do we start?

Our challenge together is to find synergy and balance between all 6 health principles. It will become clear and apparent as we see how improvements in one principle can enhance our experiences in another."