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Drenagem Linfática e Massagem Modeladora

Lymphatic Drainage and Modeling Massage

Importance of facial skin cleansing

Most people believe that skin cleansing is only to remove unwanted blackheads.

However, at least once a month it is recommended to perform deep skin cleansing with a qualified professional to keep the skin always hydrated with a young and healthy appearance.

 Facial hygiene removes dead cells, blackheads and promotes the PH balance of the epidermis, thus improving the tone leaving it firmer and more elastic preventing aging.

Casa Sakra has several specific massages, able to meet the different aesthetic and physical needs of our customers, giving them a general well-being with natural techniques.

With the Renata França protocol, this technique relocates adipocytes, draws a slimmer silhouette, enhances muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage

It has firm pressure and fast pace, as well as exclusive pumping and maneuvers that allow immediate results. The technique reduces edema, activates blood circulation and enhances a complex network of vessels that move body fluids, reducing the dreaded cellulite. The result is a less swollen and shapely body, with a faster metabolism and, therefore, a feeling of well-being. The massage that conquered the world is closer than you think.

Reducing Modeling

Manual massage technique whose main characteristic is the application of vigorous, fast and firm movements throughout the body. This massage has surprising results, as it was made to model the adipocytes, that is, to move the fat to the right places, and therefore give more contour to the body. Kneading, pinching and sliding are some of the maneuvers that promise to give new shapes to the body and guarantee a more curvaceous silhouette.

Miracle Touch

It is a mix of exclusive maneuvers of the techniques of modeling, reduction and lymphatic drainage massages of the Renata França Method. It works as an immediate manual liposculpture, ensuring uniform skin and more defined muscles. Its differentiated touch reduces measures, deflates and transforms the texture of the skin with results that can be seen already in the first session. The continuous treatment of this technique guarantees a perfect silhouette and a highly modeled body.

Miracle Face

With an immediate lifting effect, this easy message treats edema (swelling), accentuates the shapes of the face and promotes the natural revitalization of the skin. It has the function of draining swelling and promoting new contour to the face. With lymphatic drainage maneuvers and modeling massage, it allows a result as special as the body version.


The manual technique created by Renata França brings together 97 maneuvers that produce relaxation, contribute to the release of endorphins, decrease the level of the hormone cortisol and therefore reduce stress. With a mixture of lymphatic drainage movements and deep relaxation, babymoon also contributes to the reduction of glucose and insulin levels in the woman's blood, which favors the balance of female hormones, benefiting ovulation.

Relaxing Massage

Developed after compilation of maneuvers of ancient techniques. With deep stretching movements based on massages from different cultures, the relaxing massage of the Renata França method promotes balance between body and mind, relieves muscle pain and relaxes the body already in the first session. This technique provides an immediate feeling of well-being and lightness.

Drenagem Linfática e Massagem Modeladora

Feel lighter, with a more uniform skin, a more modeled body silhouette and with greater well-being and self-esteem.

Isabel Francioli

Specialist trained in the Renata França method.
Lymphatic Drainage, Modeling Massage, Miracle Touch, Miracle Face, Babymoon, Relaxing Massage.

With a career of many years in foreign trade in multinational companies in Brazil, I decided at maturity to slow down and connect with the beautiful. So, like a self-respecting Virgo, I went to study fashion and aesthetics. I even won an award at Dragão Fashion 2019 with the M Baräio Collection. And in aesthetics I fell in love with the universe of massages and all the added value to health that they provide.

With the pandemic, the health side prevailed and life started to have a different value, especially for those who watched so many well-known people leave. It was the moment where I surrendered to the magic of the touch of Renata França's massage protocol hands.

Settling in the Algarve near the sea element that completes my earth was a dream come true. Being part of the Casa Sakra Team, qualified professionals committed to systemic health is a source of pride.

Isabel Francioli

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