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Terapia de Casal

Couple Therapy


I also work with individuals and offer coaching and psychotherapy. Anyone, who feels different or unstable and is wondering how to change this, is welcome to start the journey of deeper self-understanding and connection with vulnerable parts of themselves. Presence, appreciation and neutrality are essential for me in my work. In addition, I place my therapeutic focus on resources, emotions and humor.

In Couple Therapy, infidelity, conflicts or indifference in the love relationship, are the topics that arise most frequently and with which I work with couples. Whether the couple wants to remain in monogamy or opt for an open relationship (or the other way around) - can also be the topic of couple therapy.

There is often a distinction between short and long term therapy and there is usually a gap of 4 or 6 weeks between sessions.

Short-term therapy

Short-term therapy is considered to be about three sessions.

Long-term therapy.

Long-term can last ten or twelve sessions, depending on the topic and the couple's goals.

Terapia de Casal

Infidelity, conflicts or indifference in the love relationship are the topics that come up most often.

Kristina Schlecht

I am a psychologist, Systemic Therapist (certified by the Systemic Society in Germany) and continuously studying psychotherapy (German State Certificate). I am originally from Russia and at the age of 17 I moved with my parents and brother to Germany. At the moment I live in Berlin with my husband and two children.


I give individual and couple consultations, both in person at my office in Berlin and online all over the world, including Portugal. In the future I plan to give face-to-face consultations in Portugal as well.

Kristina Schlecht

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