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Acupunctura Pediatrica Shonishin

Pediatric Acupuncture Shonishin


Diagnosis is made through observation of the face, pulse and tongue, as well as palpation, analysis of signs and symptoms. In its broader scope, Chinese Medicine uses Tui Na Massage, Phytotherapy (herbal formulas), Qi qong (energy gymnastics) and Dietetics (prescription of appropriate diet).

Acupunctura Pediatrica Shonishin

Acupuncture for children - Shonishin is a specialized and unique form of pediatric acupuncture that has been practiced for over 250 years in Japan.

Célia Fernandes

Graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (ESMTC) in Lisbon.

Trained in Japanese Acupuncture Toyohar style. 

Trained in Jing Fang, Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Founder of Casa Sakra, in 2009.

I grew up in Lisbon and throughout my adolescence I dreamed of being a professional dancer. It was Dance that led me to embark on the world of Internal and External Martial Arts, starting initially as a self-taught practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

In 2004 I graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the School of Chinese Medicine and Nanjing University.

I practiced Martial Arts for 10 years and graduated in Yogatherapy from Swami Vivekananda University in Bangalore.

In 2009 I began my studies in Japanese Acupuncture by the Toyohari Association and since 2020 I have been dedicated to the study and prescription of Jing Fang, Classical Chinese Herbal Formulas.

Casa Sakra was born from a clear vision that success is based on the integration of knowledge and experiences in health and life.

Célia Fernandes

Mafalda Camões

Graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Lisbon. 

Specialized in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

She started her studies in this area in 2012, and did a 5-year course in Lisbon at UMC - European partner of ChengDu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since then she has been specializing in different acupuncture techniques including Japanese acupuncture and personalized Chinese herbal medicine (Jing Fang method).

"This is a medicine that has aroused a great passion and curiosity in me. It is, in a way, a medicine that becomes a way of being and living, approaching the human being as a whole and taking into account its environment and the importance of the connection with Nature."

Mafalda Camões

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