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Massagem Terapêutica e Ventosaterapia

Therapeutic Massage and Cupping Therapy

This Massage is characterized by an exclusive combination of Casa Sakra, and what differentiates it is that, in addition to being a massage that will be practiced in a personalized way, the therapeutic massage also uses ancestral techniques such as Cupping therapy and Moxibustion.

In this way, the results will be enhanced by the effects of manual massage and the original therapeutic techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Therapeutic massage is a massage that, in addition to promoting relaxation, should be seen as a treatment and investment in health, being directed to the specific needs of those who seek it, respects their individuality and their condition at that moment.

It views the person as an integral being and acts on the cause of diseases.

Directed to the improvement of physical and mental condition, it also aims to obtain results in the recovery of injuries and pathologies of tendon-muscular origin.

The goal of each session is to promote general physical and mental well-being, helping to improve chronic pain and effectively relieving muscle tension and pain.

In addition to the physiological effects, the various techniques applied promote a decrease in anxiety, improved sleep and a sense of well-being, among other benefits.

Its benefits are felt from the 1st Massage, each session is personalized, focused on your needs.

Main benefits and performance:

  • Relief of muscle pain, elimination of trigger points and contractures

  • Chronic pain management

  • Regeneration of muscle tissues

  • Stress relief, greater mental clarity

  • Improved sleep and decreased anxiety

Massagem Terapêutica e Ventosaterapia

A massage that provides deep relaxation, combined with the therapeutic effects of ancient techniques such as cupping Therapy and Moxibustion.

Cátia Rodrigues

She is a native of Lagos and from an early age she was interested in helping others, volunteering and seeking to contribute positively to the lives of those around her (community), always aiming at their physical and mental well-being. She started training in Massage in 2009, but it was when she started her practice on a daily basis, about 8 years ago, that she deepened and applied her knowledge producing more and more results. Since then, her aim has been to bring massage into people's lives, and to witness how much it contributes to her clients' daily lives, bringing greater quality of life, more vitality, clarity and general wellbeing.

In collaboration with specialists in Chinese Medicine, she has been practicing techniques such as Cupping Therapy and Moxibustion, and the results of the combination of both have been increasingly evident, now being an integral part of her daily practice in her treatments. Trained in Massage and Cupping therapy, and in constant deepening, she has also recently started training in Reflexology.

Cátia Rodrigues

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