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Neuro-feeback e Bio-ressonância

Neurofeedback and Bioresonance


Bio-resonance promotes relaxation and helps reduce cellular stress.  It also supports healthy brain function so you can emit the right brain waves for sleep and help balance circadian rhythms.

With Bio-Resonance technology, you can regularly monitor the body's performance and maintain your health and that of your family on a daily basis.

The Bio-Resonance scanner detects more than 70 disorders of the body at an early stage and examines 47 organs and systems such as:

  • Circulatory system

  • Bronchopulmonary system

  • Digestive system

  • Urinary system

  • Endocrine systemImmune system

-Head organs

-Musculoskeletal system

-Lymphatic system

Bio-resonance devices contain more than 3000 therapeutic programs and complexes, as well as the possibility of creating an individual program according to the problem and the results of the examination.

Dynamical NeuroFeedback, was developed by clinical psychologists about 30 years ago. It is a natural and non-invasive brain optimization training that helps the entire Central Nervous System to self-regulate and rebalance itself. It increases flexibility, resilience and problem-solving ability.

Mind Balance Neuro-Feedback training works as an exercise for the brain and can be applied when we find ourselves trapped in any number of negative states, such as anger, fear, worry, self-sabotage or depression; agitation, impulsivity, anxiety, panic attacks and sleep problems; lack of motivation and willpower, or poor concentration.

Mental Balance Neurotherapy encourages the brain to return to the present, supporting a shift to our natural, satisfying state where the brain is calmer and more flexible.

The Benefits of Neurotherapy:

  • Improves stress management

  • Increases creativity and innovation

  • Promotes resilience

  • Promotes healthy sleep habits

  • Helps improve mental acuity and concentration

  • Deepens empathy and self-awareness

  • Unleashes creativity and innovation

  • Increases learning capacity

  • Helps with symptoms of Anxiety / Depression / PTSD / ADHD / Autism

  • Strengthens emotional regulation

Neuro-feeback e Bio-ressonância

A natural, non-invasive brain optimization workout that helps the entire Central Nervous System.


- Neurofeedback (Brain analysis and optimization) 

- Bioresonance (Health Diagnosis and Frequency Therapy) 

Certificate in Applied Neuroscience, CCE, RD (Academy of Neuroscience, Australia).

Accredited by the International Biofeedback Certification Alliance.

Licensed and trained in Bioresonance Frequency Therapy with Life Balance & Business Process Technologies.

Member of the British Neuroscience Association.

Since 2018 I have been offering my services in various locations in Europe, which includes individual sessions and group sessions in SPAs, Resorts, sporting events in the Algarve, London and Stockholm.

My son and I have experienced profound changes in health dynamics, quality of life, we have been able to heal from mental trauma and even got rid of several long lasting physical symptoms.


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