Yoga Classes

Weekly Yoga and Meditation classes. Casa Sakra offers individual or group lessons. See below the weekly schedule!

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Individual of Group Sessions

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy acts in a preventive and also curative way, relieving symptoms in a number of conditions. These sessions are private or targeted to small groups of people with the same complaint. It is intended to increase self awareness through movement and breathing that health is in our hands and that being conscious of how the body and mind works is the first step towards wellness and healing. In this sense, it is considered important that the yoga student attends at least a set of 10 sessions, in a maximum period of 1 month and a half.

At the end of this set the student will have at least one (documented) sequence for continued practice. It is advised that the practice is then continued and developed with the supervision of a teacher.

Contraindications: It is not advised to practice certain yoga exercises in cases of particular inflammations or fevers, however there is always something that can be done within yoga practice to help relieve these same symptoms or signs.

Conditions that can be benefitted:

  • Back and Shoulder Pain;
  • Weak Back;
  • Breathing Problems;
  • Obesity;
  • Digestive problems and Constipation;
  • Hyper and Hypothyroidism;
  • Lack of motivation related to life, mental and emotional fatigue;
  • Anxiety and Nervousness ;
  • Smoking;
  • Muscular Rigidity ;
More information about the sessions:
Prior booking is required. Full payment for a series of classes is made upon registration, or alternately 50% at registration and the remainder at the 6th session, alongside pre-booking the sessions.

A form is filled out for registration and understanding by the teacher about the general state of health and motivation of the interested party, as well as signed a term of responsibility.

Life stages in which yoga is recommended:

- Pregnancy and preparation (from the 3rd month)

- Post childbirth

- Third age

- Menopause


Hatha Yoga



** Translated ‘’I have suffered from anxiety since I was a child, which led me to have difficulties adapting to the school environment and relating to people in general. As a teenager, my parents decided to take me to a Psychologist and later my doctor prescribed Ritalin that I took for several years. Not being a fitness enthusiast, I chose to practice Yoga to maintain fitness and I had heard that it could help with the anxiety I was so familiar with. I chose a therapeutic class with Prof. Soraia as I had heard good references about her. It was an incredible experience, I felt myself totally supported and doing something that besides being accessible and soothing made total sense to me at the mental and physical level. I continued with private lessons and totally surrendered to yoga because the results were more and more positive."